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2006 Hyundai TUCSON GL
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Financing Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that the car-buying process should be an exciting, hassle-free process. When you shop at Coffee Auto Repair LLC, we strive to work with you to find the vehicle that meets your needs and budget; not our sales goals.

Stop in today and shop our great inventory, check out our affordable financing options, and see if you're ready to take home your next vehicle.

Most of our customers rely on us, the dealer, to secure the financing for their auto loan. We work in conjunction with over 40 different banks and credit unions to secure the best terms and rates available for our customers. However, the dealer does not determine your terms - only the lender can do that. They provide us with a number of different options so that you may choose what best fits your budget.

There are multiple factors that determine the rate at which your vehicle gets financed. Most customers think that your credit score is the highest influencer of rate, which is only partially correct. A lender will look at many factors that affect your credit score. They look at things such as: down payment, length of financing term, job time, income, time at residence, previous auto loan history, open (still paying) auto loans, debt to income ratio, etc. We would be happy to discuss these things in more detail at your convenience.

The simple answer is yes. Some of our customers choose to use the lender of their choice and secure their own loan before the purchase. As a commission-free store, it makes no difference to us how you choose to pay for your vehicle. There are times that we are able to negotiate better terms simply because we have lenders that are not available to the general public and only work with dealerships. If we secure the loan on your behalf, the lender may choose to call you to verify the terms of the agreement.

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